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Thousands of Iranians Chant 'Down with America,' 'Death to Israel' | Truth Revolt

During Iran's annual "anti-Zionist apartheid" Al-Quds Day rallies Friday, tens of thousands of Iranians nationwide chanted "Down with America!" and "Death to Israel!" as American, Israeli, British and Saudi flags burned

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The worst agreement in U.S. diplomatic history - The Washington Post

The devil is not in the details. It’s in the entire conception of the Iran deal, animated by President Obama’s fantastical belief that he, uniquely, could achieve detente with a fanatical Islamist regime whose foundational purpose is to cleanse the Middle East of the poisonous corruption of American power and influence.

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Kerry: Accounting of Iran's past atomic weapons work not key for deal | The Times of Israel

Concerns mount as US seemingly backs off demand Tehran come clean about all nuclear efforts as part of emerging accord

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The Obama Administration’s Huge Nuclear Concessions to Iran | National Review Online

On June 11, the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) released a report on a stunning new concession offered by the Obama administration to break a deadlock in the Iran nuclear talks.

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The Corker Bill Isn’t a Victory — It’s a Constitutional Perversion, by Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

As the Framers knew, we are unlikely to outgrow human nature. So what happens when we decide we’ve outgrown a Constitution designed to protect us from human nature’s foibles?

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When did America forget that it’s America?

On a number of occasions during the negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, the Israeli government has appealed to the United States and its allies to demand a change in Tehran’s aggressive behavior. If Iran wishes to be treated as a normal state, Israel has said, then it should start acting like one. Unfortunately, these appeals have been summarily dismissed.

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Iran’s Khamenei: No Cure for Barbaric Israel but Annihilation

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei took to Twitter to call for the destruction of Israel over the weekend. He first started with a string of vitriolic anti-Israel tweets that called for the destruction of the “barbaric, wolflike & infanti

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'Open Confusion' at State Department as Marie Harf Tries to Walk Back Obama's Zero Breakout Time Admission (VIDEO) | Jew

“Open confusion” reigned today at the State Department after spokeswoman Marie Harf tried to withdraw a quote from President Barack Obama regarding Iran’s nuclear breakout time, advocacy group The Israel Project said. In the interview with NPR’s S

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The unfolding farce of Obama’s deal with Iran

The president didn’t sign a bad framework deal with the ayatollahs. He left it unsigned, open to ever more worrying interpretation.

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US, Iran publicly at odds over 6 key aspects of nuke deal, Israeli expert finds | The Times of Israel

Declared differences over what was agreed in Lausanne relate to issues such as when sanctions will be lifted and how long enrichment restrictions will apply

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CBS: Iran ‘Chants Death to America, But More Habit Than Conviction’

On CBS This Morning: Saturday, reporter Elizabeth Palmer did her best to channel the sentiments of Iran following the preliminary nuclear agreement between them and the United States. The CBS reporter proclaimed that “at Friday prayers there was the us

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Obama Proves: Iran Deal Is Munich II - Breitbart

For days, lefties like Chris Matthews of MSNBC and Jonathan Chait of the New Republic have been fuming that conservative critics of the Iran “framework” have referred to it as the sequel to the Munich agreement of 1938—the deal that defined “appea

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Obama Rejects Netanyahu's Call for Iran to Recognize Israel - Breitbart

On Monday, President Barack Obama casually rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s call to force Iran to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist as part of any agreement on the country's nuclear program.

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Terra incognita: The secret history of Iran and John Kerry - Opinion - Jerusalem Post

Everything you could want to know about the Middle East’s current situation was foretold during a Davos panel discussion in 2007.

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Iran’s Persian statement on ‘deal’ contradicts Obama’s claims | New York Post

“Iran Agrees to Detailed Nuclear Outline,” The New York Times headline claimed on Friday. That found an echo in the Washington Post headline of the same day: “Iran agrees to...

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Netanyahu to Obama: Iran deal threatens Israel's survival | The Times of Israel

PM tells president agreement based on new framework would 'legitimize Iran's nuclear program, bolster its economy, increase its aggression and terror in Mideast and beyond

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Joyful Iranians dance into night after nuclear breakthrough - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: Hundreds of Iranians took to the streets in Tehran early Friday to celebrate a breakthrough in talks with the West that may end the country's 12-year-long nuclear crisis. The capital's longest street, Val-e-Asr Avenue, was lined with cars

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Iranian Commander: 'Erasing Israel Off the Map' Is 'Non-Negotiable' - Breitbart

Mohammad Reza Naqdi, head of the Basij militia unit of Iran's Revolutionary Guards, has surfaced to reassure the world that death for Israel is still very much on the table on the eve of the P+5 nuclear talks, and will never be negotiated away as part of

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Great news. Iran and Hezbollah are no longer terrorism threats | RedState

US intelligence agencies have removed Iran and Hezbollah from their list of terrorism threats as a prelude to letting Iran have a nuclear weapon.