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Alan Dershowitz: Ivanka Trump's Personal Email Use is a 'Non-Issue'

Dershowitz says that while Trump's personal email use is a "hypocrisy on parade," the practice is widespread and therefore a "non-issue."

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Ivanka Trump: Paid family leave is an investment in America's families -- It deserves bipartisan support | Fox News

Paid family leave enables parents to balance the competing demands of work and family, pursue their careers, and build strong and thriving families. It is an investment in the future of our workers, our families, and our country.

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Minnie Driver Joins Actresses Endorsing Samantha Bee's Vicious Ivanka Remark

If it weren’t enough for Samantha Bee to target Ivanka Trump with the "C” word on her show Full Frontal, she apparently has a group of women admirers among the Oscar-winning actress

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Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House

The secret weapon of the Trump campaign: his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who created a stealth data machine that leveraged social media and ran like a Silicon Valley startup. The inside story of the biggest upset in modern political history.

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Wise Words - Quotes From Strong Women

Even Ivanka Trump benefits from inspirational quotes for encouragement. We share wise words from successful women to inspire the businesswoman in us all.

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Ivanka Trump: Critics 'scared' of Donald Trump presidency

She may be the campaign whisperer in an often-blustery realm of Donald Trump.

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