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Israel - INTO THE FRAY: Unfit to govern?

It is possible Operation Protective Edge could have been conducted with greater ineptitude. But it is not easy to see how.

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INTO THE FRAY: Israel’s Left: Ludicrous, loathsome and lethal | JPost | Israel

In reality, the Left has no genuine concern for humanitarian values . All it truly desires is dominance over the political system.

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Israel’s self-defense is not a pretext for hate crimes

Outside of Israel, the international community witnesses an all-too-familiar scenario playing out, knowing that it would simply take Hamas and affiliated terror groups stopping their attacks on Israel in order to end this deadly round of violence.

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Ya'alon says IDF campaign against Hamas to expand, vows 'will exact huge price'

“We are destroying arms, terrorist infrastructure, command and control systems, and institutions," defense minister says on day 2 of Operation Protective Edge; Palestinian officials say 4 killed in Gaza on Wednesday.