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The 10 Best French Yé-Yé Pop Albums To Own On Vinyl — Vinyl Me, Please

This bundle of albums cover a majority of essential music to come out of France, both old and new that any novice listener should hear and ultimately own.

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Nolte: From Jesus to Roseanne, Deplorables and the Faithful Owned Pop Culture Last Week

For just one week, the leftist blacklisters who run popular culture allowed Trump supporters and the Faithful a shot at playing in the game, and look at what happened -- we took the place over and the results were Roseanne's viewership records, ratings wi

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Pop, rock, rap, whatever: who killed the music genre? | Music | The Guardian

Skrillex produces Bieber, Rihanna covers Tame Impala, and the genre-bending 1975 top the charts. The people making and consuming music are more stylistically promiscuous than ever. How did we get here?

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RC Cola and Chicago: How the Underdog Soft Drink Came to Dominate The Second City Pizzerias

RC Cola was the bronze medalist in the Cola Wars. How did the brand that fought for the scraps of market share end up in Chicago pizzerias?

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The rise and spectacular fall of Venice Beach's Pacific Ocean Park

If you had walked along the beach in Venice in the early 1970s, you would have come across the sagging, crumbling, partially incinerated ghost of an old amusement park on a pier. If you've watched the skate documentary

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Slide Show: Wild and Wonderful Concept Art from Long Lost L.A. Theme Park

Theme park designer Christopher Merritt and historian Domenic Priore dove deep to find never-before seen photos and incredible 1950s concept art for their new book Pacific Ocean Park: The Rise and Fall of Los Angeles’s Space Age Nautical Pleasure Pier.