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VHS Resurrection: Why Some Tapes Are Selling for Thousands

The seemingly archaic piece of physical media is making a comeback. Here's why some tapes are currently selling for thousands.

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Forget Netflix, some movie fans rewind to VHS tapes

In the late 1990s, Hollywood studios began selling films on DVDs and VHS rentals lost their grip on home viewings. Blu-ray took over in the early 2000s. By 2010 Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy protection.

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In Alaska, pricey internet and nostalgia keep video stores alive

Blockbuster still has a few locations, and an independent store in Anchorage is even thinking about opening more branches.

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The great battle: Betamax vs. VHS!

[http://youtu.be/ddYZITaxlTQ] (YouTube link)Young people puzzle over videotape, and we may laugh at how outdated it is, but at one time it was a revolutionary idea for consumers. This is a history lesson. Way back when, viewers had no choice about what to