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Jon Hamm - The Electric Eleven: THR TV Critics' Favorite Performances of 2015

Don Draper’s existential journey was a whole lot more than drinking to forget, screwing to feel something or merely hiding behind someone else. It was always going to be a painful journey with a series of bottoming-out moments. But it's when Don fi

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Watch Jon Hamm Talk About Don Draper’s Life After the Mad Men Finale | TIME

Jon Hamm gave his opinion on what happened to Don Draper after the finale of Mad Men on Monday's episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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The Backstory Behind the Coke Ad in 'Mad Men'

For Don Draper, enlightenment apparently came in the form of the perfect advertising pitch.

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Mad Men Real Estate Update: Things Go from Bad to Worse for Don Draper's Awesome Apartment - Flipped - Curbed National

Mad Men, a popular television program about the tragic fall of a once great apartment, aired its second episode of the (second half of the) final season on Sunday,...

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George Lois, real-life Don Draper: Vice profiles the legendary 60s ad man and art director (VIDEO).

Forget D.B. Cooper—for a real-life equivalent of Mad Men’s Don Draper, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more fitting than legendary art director George Lois. In the ’60s, Lois oversaw dozens of landmark ad campaigns and magazine covers, and t

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What a fun, sexy 1970s everyone’s having in the new Mad Men trailer · The A.V. Club

Mad Men has released the first trailer for its final round of episodes, beginning April 5, and as always, it offers images laden with symbolism and portent. Set to Diana Ross’ “Love Hangover” (symbolizing the fact that people on this show drink a lot), and employing the sort of classic TV box-wipes seen on The Brady Bunch ...

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Can You Like Mad Men If You Think Don Is Bad? -- Vulture

I am a HUGE fan of Mad Men. My husband stopped watching after season one (although I don't remember him watching more than two episodes) because he found Don Draper to be unlikable and his behavior indefensible. I accepted that reason at the time because we, the viewers, didn't know Don's story at that point...

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'Mad Men' Creator Matthew Weiner On The End Of Don Draper's Journey

Weiner is currently writing and shooting the show's final episodes. He tells Fresh Air,

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He’s Moving Into Whose Office?! Time to Revisit the Don Draper Death Watch.

Brow Beat is following the final season of Mad Men with the perfect meter to keep track of all the latest odds-making on Don Draper’s death: The Don Draper Death Watch. After a season premiere full of ominous signs for Don, last week’s ep

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Don Draper's Quest To Be Real: Mad Men's Final Season

Why isn't Don going elsewhere? Why is he accepting horrific, disrespectful treatment? Sterling and Cooper was a launching pad for him, and his life's blood went into Sterling and Cooper and Draper....