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EPIC Gutfeld vs. Tucker Debate: Who's Dumber? Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon?

People tune in for presidential debates, but this debate was pure fun. On Wednesday night's Gutfeld! show, Fox's Greg Gutfeld and Tucker Carlson had a debate over which CNN host is dumber, Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon? There's so much evidence for both sides.

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Greg Gutfeld has some news for WaPo’s Dana Milbank after Milbank complains that Trump and ‘the Right’ are turning Dr. Fauci, the WHO, and the Jews(?) into COVID19 scapegoats

WaPo syndicated columnist Dana Milbank is fed up with the wrong people being blamed for the COVID19 crisis. So he wrote a column defending them:

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Left but Really Right

Successful liberals live by conservative values. It's true. The liberal musician, the liberal chef, the liberal writer -- all swear by things conservatives love, like competition, earned reward, and, yes, profit and the bottom line. Greg Gutfeld, bes

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Why the Right is Right

What makes conservatism right? If you're a conservative, you should know why you're right. If you're not a conservative, why should you think about becoming ...

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Gutfeld Savages Common Core: ‘Making The Lives Of Kids And Their Parents Hell’ [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller

'Another government experiment sinking under its unbearable complexities'

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Gutfeld Is On A Smackdown Roll... - Chicks on the Right

just about a day ago, Gutfeld did a monologue on The Five that reminded all of us what happens when you "dismiss the devil."