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Apple may switch iMac, iPad, and MacBook to colorful mini LED screens | VentureBeat

A relatively recent display technology will reportedly bridge the gap between older LCD and expensive OLED for larger Apple device displays.

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Apple Quietly Killed Off One Of The iMac's Best Features - Forbes

Target Display mode let MacBook owners use their iMac as a second display instead of having to buy a standalone PC monitor. With the 2015, 27-inch Retina 5K iMac, Apple no longer supports the feature.

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Hello, Retina: New iMacs Get Eye-Popping Displays, Rechargeable Keyboards and Mice - WSJ

Review: the new iMacs. Apple renews its commitment to affordable, high-performance desktop systems—but USB Type-C and TouchID are missing.

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iPad 2014 | BGR

ROUNDUP: Here's everything Apple just announced!