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How to trade in your MacBook, macOS desktop, iPhone, or iPad - The Verge

If you want to trade in your Apple device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer, we’ve run through the steps required to get the best return back on your investment.

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Apple reportedly launching new iPhone Pro and iPads with better cameras, 16-inch MacBook Pro and new AirPods | TechCrunc

Apple is getting ready for its usual fall iPhone launch event, which is rumored to be happening September 10, though the event hasn’t been officially confirmed this year. A new report from Bloomberg offers a preview of the lineup of hardware products Ap

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Apple may switch iMac, iPad, and MacBook to colorful mini LED screens | VentureBeat

A relatively recent display technology will reportedly bridge the gap between older LCD and expensive OLED for larger Apple device displays.

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MacBook Air: The Best and Worst Features | Digital Trends

Apple has announced a new MacBook Air today, bringing an update that we've been anticipating for many years. Here are three things we really like about what Apple has delivered, and two things we're less excited about, including the high price t

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MacBooks powered by iPhone processors are finally going to happen soon – BGR

When it came time to introduce the new iPhone chip last week, Apple gave an ample presentation to the new A12 Bionic platform, that packs the six-core processor that’s now more powerful and efficient than last year’s model, the quad-core Apple GPU, th

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24 hidden settings that can maximize your Mac

This collection of lesser-known macOS settings will let you customize and enhance your computing experience on any Mac desktop or laptop.

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Apple stops selling last worthwhile MacBook Pro | 9to5Mac

In the wake of the new 13-inch and 15-inch Touch Bar models today, Apple has stopped selling the much-beloved 2015 MacBook Pro. For people who despised butterfly keys, or mourned the lack of legacy…

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I Knew Buying a Newly Redesigned MacBook Pro Was Stupid And I Did It Anyway

Do not be me. I was desperate for a new Apple laptop to replace my dying 2012 one and as soon as the 2016 Macbook Pro with Touch Bar was available to buy I ordered it. This was a major redesign for Apple, and experience with other products told me that bu

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Five Apple products that are headed for the scrapheap | ZDNet

As Apple more and more morphs into a smartphone company (albeit a wildly profitable smartphone company), a number of products in the Apple lineup...

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All the Stuff You Can Do With the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar

The crown jewel of Apple’s live event today is the brand new Macbook Pro—the company’s first big update to the product line since 2012. It’s thin, light, and sports a giant trackpad, but the flashiest change by far is the Touch Bar.

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Track MacBook Battery Cycles to Measure Health, Lifespan | Other World Computing Blog

Last month, the Rocket Yard showed you how to calibrate an Apple Laptop’s Power System. But even with proper calibration and conditioning, all Apple laptop b

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15 Products That Defined Apple’s First 40 Years | WIRED

WIRED celebrates Apple's 40th birthday with a look back at the 15 products that define its legacy in our culture.

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All Apple Stores to begin stocking 12-inch MacBook at end of May

The recently released 12-inch MacBook will be available for purchase at all Apple Stores globally beginning the week of May 25th, according to a memo from Apple to its retail staff issued earlier t...

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MacBook falls 1,000 feet from airplane, survives the landing - CNET

A MacBook Air takes its name too literally when it accidentally launches from an airplane in flight, dives all the way to ground and emerges functioning, though a little roughed up.

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Apple’s Well-Crafted Vanishing Point

It's a standard Apple play to shave a few atoms off the waists of its gadgets come refresh time -- allowing the company's marketing department to crow about..

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Apple’s Retina MacBook Pros get updates with doubled RAM and slightly faster p

Apple has doubled the RAM in its Retina MacBook Pros across the entire line, while also adding slightly improved processors and price cuts for select models.

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10 hidden Mac features you didn't know existed until now

Our computers are packed to the brim with features we never use, but some of them might be more useful than you think. Business Insider has put together a list of ten Mac features that aren't expli...