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DIY Solar Power with Will Prowse

Want to build an awesome off-grid solar power system? My videos will teach you everything you need, no experience necessary :)

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macOS Catalina 10.15.5 Update Adds Battery Health Management

Today Apple rolled out an update to macOS Catalina that adds a new Battery Health Management tool in the Energy Saver pane of System Preferences.

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Here's How To Check The Battery Health Of Your iPhone, Reliably And For Free

Apple made billions in hiding the fact that it was slowing down the performance of an iPhone with an aging battery, pushing people to buy a new phone rather than a new battery.

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Romeo Power unveils its first consumer power packs

Romeo Power has just released what looks to be the mobile charging device of my dreams.

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Track MacBook Battery Cycles to Measure Health, Lifespan | Other World Computing Blog

Last month, the Rocket Yard showed you how to calibrate an Apple Laptop’s Power System. But even with proper calibration and conditioning, all Apple laptop b

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An inexpensive 5 cents origami battery | RtoZ.org - Latest News

The battery generates power from microbial respiration, delivering enough energy to run a paper-based biosensor with nothing more than a drop of