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Part.1, The Rolling Stones 1968: Keith Richards in Making of Sympathy For The Devil

The Rolling Stones 1968Making of "Sympathy For The Devil"Part 2: https://youtu.be/aH_7e_j1jaUPart 3: https://youtu.be/ZzhwzxIdQzUThe Rolling Stones' "Sympath...

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Keith Richards Promises ‘New Music’ On the Way: ‘Hopefully We’ll Get to See You’

Keith Richards said 'new music' is on the way in 2023 in a new year's message in which he also teased live dates.

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Keith Richards: "I’ll take anybody’s idea. Writing is a cut-throat business…" | UNCUT

As 1992’s Main Offender gets reissued, Keith Richards looks back on his solo adventures – and forward to a Stones without Charlie.

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Keith Richards on the Rolling Stones and a solo reunion

The Stones guitarist, and frontman of Keith Richards & the X-Pensive Winos, talks about his solo career; the passing of Stones drummer Charlie Watts; writing new music with Mick Jagger; and how he kicked his most persistent addiction.

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The Keith Richards Guide to Distortion | GuitarPlayer

The Rolling Stone comes clean on distortion in this archive interview from the December 1992 issue of Guitar Player.

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John Lennon death stunned Rolling Stones star - 'I got well drunk on it'

JOHN LENNON died 41 years ago on this day, and the news sent shockwaves around the world. A member of the Rolling Stones was particularly affected by the unbelievable event.

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From David Bowie to Led Zeppelin: 6 legendary artists that Keith Richards hates

During a raucous career, Keith Richards hasn't held back from much. That includes keeping his mouth shut about bands he hates, here are some of Keef's quips

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“Never Call Me Your Drummer Again!” The Time Charlie Watts Punched Mick Jagger

Charlie Watts has passed away, so let's revisit the glorious moment when The Rolling Stones drummer punched Mick Jagger.

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Keith Richards: "This thing is designed to keep us apart, and everything we want to do is be together"

It’s doubtful that there’s any single individual in the rock firmament more deserving of the accolade ‘needs no introduction’ than Keith Richards. In living the ‘Human Riff’ legend for almost 60 years, the Rolling

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From Chuck Berry to Muddy Waters: 15 of Keith Richards’ favourite songs

We've pulled together a list of Keith Richards 15 most inspirational songs and musicians as we look at the songs which shaped The Rolling Stones guitarist

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Keith Richards Is Riding Out the Pandemic in His “Comfies”

A far-ranging conversation with the legendary Rolling Stones guitarist on pandemic life, making music, his new box set, and, yes, his sweatpants.

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Keith Richards on COVID: 'I’m impervious... like Trump' - Los Angeles Times

Keith Richards on his X-Pensive Winos reissue, a new Rolling Stones album and living in American during COVID.

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How Keith Richards is Spending His Quarantine

The guitarist talks about new Stones music, his ‘Goats Head Soup’ memories, and how he hopes they’ll celebrate their 60th anniversary

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Keith Richards says he "can't imagine" The Rolling Stones ever retiring

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has spoken about the future of the band, saying he "can't imagine" them ever retiring.

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Keith Richards Snorts All 10 Sauces During "Hot Ones" Appearance

Legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards took the popular interview show “Hot Ones” to a new level by snorting all 10 sauces in rapid succession.

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The moment Chuck Berry punched Keith Richards in the face

We dip into our Far Out Magazine vault to bring one of the most brilliant stories we've ever come across as Chuck Berry punches Keith Richards

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Revisit the moment Keith Richards was nearly electrocuted on stage with The Rolling Stones

We take a look back at the moment Keith Richards was nearly electrocuted to death when performing with The Rolling Stones in 1965

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Keith Richards quits smoking in advance of U.S. tour

Richards, who quit drinking in 2018, says he hasn't had a cigarette since October. He once said quitting nicotine was harder than kicking heroin.

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Keith Richards’ Wildest Escapades: 19 Insane Tales From a Legendary Life

Keith Richards may have mellowed with age, but as anyone who has read his memoir can attest, the iconic Rolling Stones guitarist has raised enough hell to fill several lifetimes. We look back on the wildest and weirdest moments in Richards’ 50-plus-year tear through the limelight.

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Keith Richards reveals his 10 all-time favorite Rolling Stones riffs and the stories behind them

How the guitar used to record Gimme Shelter disintegrated immediately after the song's completion, and other incredible stories

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'Bitter Sweet Symphony' Credits And Royalties Given Back To The Verve By Jagger, Richards : NPR

A songwriting dispute left the Britpop band bereft of royalties from its biggest hit, "Bitter Sweet Symphony." More than 20 years later, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have signed over their rights.

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Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Fends Off Stage Invader with Telecaster in 1981

The Rolling Stones, awhile back, uploaded this video, which you can check out above, to their YouTube channel.It features a (very) jumpy 1981 performance of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" at Hampton Coliseum in Virginia. As the video's de

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Rolling Stones' hellraiser Keith Richards reveals he's cut down on hard liquor and cigarettes in a bid to live a cleaner life...after December turned into 'one long party' for his 75th

Keith Richards has revealed he is reining in his infamous party lifestyle and cutting down on hard liquor and his beloved cigarettes,in a new interview with MOJO Magazine .

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Rolling Stones to keep on touring as Keith Richards tells pals “I want to do more” - Mirror Online

The band played to 1.38 million fans on their mega No Filter tour and have already discussed more live shows

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Is the Rock Star Dead? - Noisey

We speak with rock critic David Hepworth, author of 'Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of The Rock Stars,' about the rise and fall of music's chaotic anti-heroes.

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Keith Richards reflects on the Rolling Stones’ BBC recordings, complete with threats of decapitation

For all the outward swagger the Rolling Stones projected, there were certain situations that could intimidate even England’s bad boys of rock ‘n’ roll. Near the top of the list: p…

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Rolling Stones: Chuck Berry's Music 'Is Engraved Inside Us' - Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stones paid tribute to rock & roll innovator Chuck Berry, both as a band and individually, in a series of statements following his death.

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Keith Richards Shares MAJOR News About The Future Of The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards has answered a question that fans of the rock legends have been questioning forever. In a recent interview with NME, Richards revealed that...

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That Time Keith Richards Nearly Stabbed Donald Trump

As if you needed another reason to love Keith Richards (considering he's a really nice dude who once nearly burned down the Playboy Mansion), the Rolling Stones guitarist hated Soiled Carpet Sample Donald Trump way before it was cool. Stones tour manager Michael Cohl recently told this pretty awesome story at a Pollstar event.

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The Razor Tongue Of Keith Richards – 17 Artists He's Slammed, From David Bowie To Oasis | NME.COM

The latest music galleries from NME.COM, including band pictures, live photos, festival galleries and more

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Keith Richards on Why Sgt. Pepper Was Rubbish - 2015 Esquire Interview

The Rolling Stones guitarist looks back on five decades of fame. Interviewed June 30 in the Sanford 
Boardroom at the 
Washington Duke Inn, 
Durham, North Carolina. Crosseyed Heart, his first album in more than 20 years, will be released September 18.

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Hear Keith Richards Ward Off 'Trouble' on Ragged New Single | Rolling Stone

Keith Richards has delivered the stripped-down rocker, "Trouble," the first single from his upcoming solo LP, 'Crosseyed Heart.'

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Keith Richards Announces New Solo LP 'Crosseyed Heart' | Rolling Stone

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards will release 'Crosseyed Heart,' his third solo album and first in 23 years, this September.

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The Rebellious Cool of Keith Richards - Keith Richards Style - Esquire

On his 71st birthday, we take a look back at the unimpeachable style of Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

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Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Remembers Saxophonist Bobby Keys | Rolling Stone

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards penned a touching tribute to his friend and sideman Bobby Keys.

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Keith Richards' 1972 Ferrari Dino 246GT rolling to auction

You can’t always get what you want, but if you have several hundred thousand dollars lying around, you might be able to pick up Keith Richards’ Ferrari.