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How to Bring More Meaning to Dying

Taking the time to prepare for death can ease your own difficulties and improve the well-being of those you care for—even after you are gone.

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And to My Executor, I Leave My Passwords | Fifth Third Bank LegacyLink

What would the consequences be if, after your death, no one could access information you stored electronically? Use these tips to include and protect your digital assets.

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Subaru warns recalled car owners: Stop driving now

Subaru warns that new Outbacks and Legacy have steering column flaw and says owners should park cars rather than drive to dealerships.

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When Friends Are 'Like Family'

The comfort of a close bond can sometimes morph into the restraints of bondage.

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Peyton Manning to announce retirement on Monday | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The news is not surprising, but still marks the end of an era.

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Yogi Berra: A celebration of baseball, life and a man's legacy of words - Yahoo Sports

From Yahoo Sports: The Yankees' great was a one-of-a-kind legend and the ultimate winner of a franchise known for winning.