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Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 5 Things

Children who grow up to be high achievers have parents who do these things differently.

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How To Talk To Your Kids About Their Rights If They're Stopped By Police

Here's how to talk to your children about their rights, how to show respect to the police, and the hard truth that officers sometimes abuse their power.

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The collapse of parenting: Why it’s time for parents to grow up

If anyone can be called the boss in a world of modern, anti-hierarchical parenting, it’s the children.

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The Difficult Path to Motherhood – Made Easier

My path to motherhood was….. Difficult. I’ve always wanted to tell the full story of that here on the blog, but haven’t done so yet. But, early May, watch for a series of posts, as we head to Mother’s Day, and my almost 5th year of being a mom. Until then, let’s talk about how difficult it can sometimes be to become a mother.

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Education.com | Printable Worksheets, Online Games, and More

15,000+ printable worksheets, 300+ online games, and everything else parents and teachers need to help kids succeed.

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How to Communicate With Your Teen Daughter, Explained

Telephone occasionally and bring the call to an end yourself, citing things you need to do. If leaving a voicemail (not more than one or two, max), don't sound breathless with that feigned surplus of activity, just minimally distracted by the fulfill...

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15 creative parents who raised the bar in 2014!

Moms and dads who made their mark on the Internet with clever videos, photos and projects in 2014.

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10 Big Misconceptions About Pregnancy | Mental Floss

Elliott Morgan discusses some common pregnancy myths.

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What To Do When Your Child Swears at You | Tosha Schore, M.A.

Moving towards our kids is so important -- even more so in those moments when we feel it's the last thing we want to do....

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How To Prepare For A Long-Haul Flight With A Baby - Business Insider

Advice on how to prepare for a long-haul flight with an infant.

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Little boy doesn't want mom to have new baby: ‘This is exasperating!’

"What were you thinking?" That’s what one little boy with an impressive vocabulary wanted to know after being told by his mom that she...

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More Schools Consider Later Start Times for Teenagers - WSJ

The Seattle public school district is among many school districts across the country currently studying the costs and logistical issues that would come with a later school start time.