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Committing to Sleep Can Change Your Life — Find Out for Yourself

The science shows sleep helps you stay healthy and get the best out of life.

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If you don't sleep in the same bed as your partner, you're not alone

​One in four British couples are regularly sleeping in separate beds due to stress, new research has revealed. Bedroom furniture retailers Bensons for Beds examined the sleeping habits of 2,000 UK couples and found that long work days and children were

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7 Bizarre Sleeping Habits Of Some Of The Most Successful People On This Planet - Happiness

For those at the top with demanding schedules and intense pressure, sleep schedules are often neglected and pushed aside. (Lack of sleep and exhaustion were the reasons Arianna Huffington collapsed in 2007 in her office.) While we can’t be sure of the health effects these sleeping regimens had—or will have—on the people below, their odd habits are definitely worth noting.