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6 Effective Ways to Stop a Dog From Digging Holes

Get expert advice from vets and trainers to find out why dogs dig and how to stop them from digging holes in your yard.

Pets & Animals | Animals

10 ways to calm your dog during a thunderstorm

If the news of a forecasted or unexpected thunderstorm brings out panic in you because your dog is terrified, you are not alone

Pets & Animals | Animals

Three things that will improve your puppy’s behavior, according to an expert trainer

Trainer shares some simple things you can do to help your puppy master new skills and behaviors that much quicker

Pets & Animals | Animals

8 Expert Tricks to Help Your Cat and Dog to Get Along

Peace between cats and dogs is possible—with time, strategy, and training.

Pets & Animals | Animals

11 Facts About Huskies

Siberian huskies are known for their wolfish good looks, but deep down, they’re all dog.

Pets & Animals | Animals

New study gives a rare glimpse into what a dog is thinking

A new study is finally giving us a rare glimpse into what dogs think of their toys, so we can understand man's best friend a little better.

Pets & Animals | Animals

Puppies Are Born Ready to Communicate With Humans

A new study finds very young dogs with little human contact can understand pointing gestures—and that the ability has a strong genetic basis

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Why Dogs Twitch in Their Sleep

Dogs dream during the REM cycle of sleep just like humans do, and the results can be quite adorable.

Pets & Animals | Animals

13 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Hummingbirds

These fascinating facts and photos are bound to make you adore them even more! Learn some interesting facts about quirky hummingbirds.

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One-year-old puppy was found trapped under wreckage of Hurricane Dorian

"It's a miracle this little dog had the will to live and to survive in the conditions he was in," founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue Lauree Simmons said.

Pets & Animals | Animals

Fox Finds Phone Secretly Recording Him And Decides To Take Revenge

“Tip, do not set up a phone to film a secret spot or else you'll be digging through woods for 20 minutes ...”

Pets & Animals | Animals

Little Blue Senior Dog Found Roaming The Streets All Alone - The Dodo

“We were mystified, but our vet helped us figure out the blue color (we think)"

Pets & Animals | Animals

Dog With A Broken Spine, Cut-Off Legs Finds New Home, Thanks To Facebook

It was something about that face.

A lucky dog named Scooter has a new life and a new set of wheels, thanks to a chance Facebook post, some generous strangers and a face you can't help but love.

Pets & Animals | Animals

Thieving rabbit steals cracker right out of a baby's hand

A cute baby learns that rabbits like crackers -- the hard way.