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Why Dogs Twitch in Their Sleep

Dogs dream during the REM cycle of sleep just like humans do, and the results can be quite adorable.

Pets & Animals | Animals

13 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Hummingbirds

These fascinating facts and photos are bound to make you adore them even more! Learn some interesting facts about quirky hummingbirds.

Pets & Animals | Animals

One-year-old puppy was found trapped under wreckage of Hurricane Dorian

"It's a miracle this little dog had the will to live and to survive in the conditions he was in," founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue Lauree Simmons said.

Pets & Animals | Animals

Fox Finds Phone Secretly Recording Him And Decides To Take Revenge

“Tip, do not set up a phone to film a secret spot or else you'll be digging through woods for 20 minutes ...”

Pets & Animals | Animals

Little Blue Senior Dog Found Roaming The Streets All Alone - The Dodo

“We were mystified, but our vet helped us figure out the blue color (we think)"

Pets & Animals | Animals

Dog With A Broken Spine, Cut-Off Legs Finds New Home, Thanks To Facebook

It was something about that face.

A lucky dog named Scooter has a new life and a new set of wheels, thanks to a chance Facebook post, some generous strangers and a face you can't help but love.

Pets & Animals | Animals

Thieving rabbit steals cracker right out of a baby's hand

A cute baby learns that rabbits like crackers -- the hard way.