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Business & Finance | Career Advice

How to Make 1 Million Dollars a Year as a Writer

This intriguing revelation not only underscores the enduring allure of the written word but also signals a significant shift in the way individuals perceive and pursue their professional aspirations…

Business & Finance | Career Advice

The Ultimate Guide To Crafting A LinkedIn Profile That Recruiters Love

Tips for optimizing each section of your LinkedIn Profile to attract recruiters and stand out as a candidate, according to 100 hiring experts.

Business & Finance | Career Advice

Need to Find More Money? Consider These 5 Side Gigs

The author of 'Find More Money' shares the best ways to make money on the side.

Business & Finance | Career Advice

Being Busy Is Eliminating the Joys of Shared Free Time - The Atlantic

Our unpredictable and overburdened schedules are taking a dire toll on American society.

Business & Finance | Career Advice

14 Things You Should Never, Ever Say In A Job Interview

When interviewing for a new position, it's important to know not only what to say, but what not to say. Members of Forbes Coaches Council detail questions and statements applicants should never say in a job interview.

Business & Finance | Career Advice

Here's What A $75K Salary Gets You In Six Different Cities In The US

Over the last few months, BuzzFeed News spoke with six people around the country, in a diverse set of circumstances, to see what life on roughly $75,000 looks like today.

Business & Finance | Career Advice

1 Simple Way To Get Found More Easily on LinkedIn |

This specific section of your LinkedIn profile unlocks the keywords needed to make sure potential employers and prospective clients can find you on the platform.