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Exercise! | Health & Fitness

Health & Fitness | Exercise!

Easy Exercises to Help You Eliminate Annoying Aches and Pains | Real Simple

A single move can make you feel miles better. Try one of these to meet a health goal—or combine them for your new favorite workout.

Health & Fitness | Exercise!

How Exercise Changes Our DNA - NYTimes.com

Exercise, a new study finds, changes the shape and functioning our genes, an important step on the way to improved health and fitness.

Health & Fitness | Exercise!

Trainer Confessions: Exercises That Don't Do What You Think | Women's Health Magazine

Exercise moves that people misunderstand and what you should be doing instead

Health & Fitness | Exercise!

The Best Free Workout Videos on YouTube!

These seriously excellent, totally free videos prove it’s completely possible to stay fit no matter what—all you need is an Internet connection and a little living room space.

Health & Fitness | Exercise!

The complete guide to working out before work

Life inevitably gets in the way of your gym date. That's why people who exercise in the morning are more likely to stick with it, Barbara Brehm, a professor of exercise and sport studies at Smith College in Massachusetts and author of the recently r

Health & Fitness | Exercise!

Shivering as a Form of Exercise

This winter’s frigid temperatures could be having one desirable side effect. They may be revving up your metabolism.

Health & Fitness | Exercise!

Jump Rope Workout: Blast Fat in 20 Minutes

Burn and firm all over with this high-intensity cardio-sculpting plan.

Health & Fitness | Exercise!

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