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The top 25 James Bond villains ranked

From Goldfinger to Jaws to Le Chiffre, we're looking at the best of the worst in 007's cinematic rogues gallery

Entertainment | Film

Authentic and Inauthentic Love in ‘Laura’

Otto Preminger’s 1944 noir masterpiece, “Laura,” seems to begin out of nowhere. We are immediately thrust into a room with a large portrait of a beautiful woman…

Entertainment | Film

3 Good Reasons Why The F-35 Was Not Featured In Top Gun: Maverick

In reality, if the F-35 had been the centerpiece of Top Gun, it would have made for an entirely different and possibly boring movie.

Entertainment | Film

The 10 Best Noir Films Of All Time, According To Ranker

From The Big Sleep to Out of the Past, these are the 10 best noir films of all time, according to Ranker.

Entertainment | Film

These are the best spy thrillers to stream right now

From Amazon Prime to Disney+ (yes, really), we’ve rounded up the ten best spy thrillers to take you to the edge of your seat…

Entertainment | Film

What's The Best Film Of The Past Decade? Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino Weighs In

The Oscar-winning director speaks about what movie he enjoyed the most over the past decade.

Entertainment | Film

The Definitive Ranking of Quentin Tarantino Movies

From ’Reservoir Dogs’ to ’Pulp Fiction’ to ’The Hateful Eight,’ which one is the best?

Entertainment | Film

Quentin Tarantino Shares a Brad Pitt Story Behind 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' | Hollywood Reporter

Long before the cameras started rolling on 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,' Brad Pitt and Quentin Tarantino were already on the same page. They just didn’t know it yet.

Entertainment | Film

New Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio movie poster slammed by fans for 'looking Photoshopped'

Many fans are not happy with the promotional cover for Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt’s upcoming blockbuster.