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FINANCE & INVESTMENTS | Business & Finance

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

Why Gen X is far more financially fragile than boomers - MarketWatch

Caregiving challenges, significant debt and job problems account for much of why Generation X is hurting financially.

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

Adding $100 to These 7 Stocks Would Be a Genius Move Right Now | The Motley Fool

You don't have to be rich to generate wealth in the stock market. With enticing deals galore, now is the time to act!

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

The Big Money in Startups Comes From Investing Before the IPO - Bloomberg

The hippest investment strategy of the moment is backing tech companies while they’re still private.

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

Why It's Hard to Find Angel Investors for Startups

There are requirements on both sides. For the angel investors, there are things they require a startup to have for them to invest and to the startups, they also have their requirements of an angel investor

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

Precursor Ventures just raised a second fund to zero in on pre-seed-stage startups | TechCrunch

Precursor Ventures, a 3.5-year-old, seed-stage investment firm in San Francisco, just closed its second fund with $31 million in capital commitments, roughly double what it raised for its debut effort in 2017. Somewhat amazingly, it has 75 portfolio compa

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

Rover raises $65 million to grow its dog-sitting platform globally | VentureBeat

Rover, the online platform dedicated to connecting dog-owners with a range of services including walkers, has raised $65 million in a round of funding led by Spark Capital, with participation from Menlo Ventures, Foundry Group, Omers Ventures, Technology

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec Says This Is the Best Way to Sell Yourself

Channel your inner Don Draper.
So many people think ‘sales’ is a dirty word. It shocks me really. There are so many negative associations with sales and even a sales person that tend to make people think to themselves, “I could never do that,” or “that’s just not me”.

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

Don’t Mortgage Your Startup

The last 5-10 years have been an extraordinary time for early stage tech founders to raise money. But easy access to capital has ingrained some bad habits..

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

David Bowie: Musical Innovator, Financial Innovator?

The story of the artist’s foray into asset-backed securities.

David Bowie will be remembered for his music and style, but the late singer is also responsible for an important, but lesser known, contribution in another area: finance.

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

6 Red Flags That Can Get You Audited

There’s nothing quite as heart-stopping as a notice from the IRS. Sometimes it’s to raise a question about an item on your return; other times you may get a notice that you owe money. If you’re really unlucky, you may find out the IRS is auditing your return.

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

6 Surprisingly Effective Networking Tactics They Won't Teach You in Business School

Stop networking like your grandfather, start making connections that matter.

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

Dow continues to fall, down 223 points

The Dow continued fell in the triple digits once again, with energy stocks suffering heavy declines.

Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

Who Routinely Trounces the Stock Market? Try 2 Out of 2,862 Funds

In a recent five-year study of mutual funds, consistently strong performance was found to be remarkably rare.

      Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

      Donor-Advised Funds Outperforming Family Foundations

      Among the very wealthy, family foundations long have been a common vehicle for charitable giving. However, more families than ever are skipping foundations altogether in favor of simpler and cheaper donor-advised funds.

        Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

        Stocks hope to make up lost ground

        It's a shortened trading week, but investors will get fresh U.S. economic data.

          Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

          What Disney is really buying

          The Mouse House is getting much more than the rights to a few more well-loved characters.
          By Matt Vella, deputy technology editor

          FORTUNE -- Walt Disney Co. chairman and CEO Robert Iger has transformed The Mouse House into so much more.

          On Oct.

            Business & Finance | FINANCE & INVESTMENTS

            Apple stock falls on exec shakeup, iPad mini reviews

            Shares of Apple slipped below $600 on Wednesday, following a shocking executive shakeup and a few iPad mini tablet complaints listed in early reviews.