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The Temple Mount | News

News | The Temple Mount

Ben-Gvir visits Temple Mount during priestly blessing ceremony

Tens of thousands of Jewish worshippers participated in the semi-annual Birkat Kohanim at the Western Wall.

News | The Temple Mount

Muslims Irate after Jews Blow Shofar on Temple Mount on Rosh Hashanah

All of which stands to show you that the Arabs already know the Jews are coming. Now, someone must tell the Jews.

News | The Temple Mount

Elder Of Ziyon - What is the Waqf doing on the Temple Mount? The Israel Antiquities Authority says it is "classified.”

Blogging about Israel and the Arab world since, oh, forever.

News | The Temple Mount

Ben Gvir Ascends Temple Mount on 9 B’Av to Show Who’s in Charge

“It is not a crime to pray, bow, or bring religious texts to our sacred site.”

News | The Temple Mount

Video of Jews performing Priestly Blessing on Temple Mount sparks Palestinian outrage

While Jewish prayer has been conducted quietly on the Temple Mount since 2019, the video showed relatively public prayer.

News | The Temple Mount

Ehud Barak agreed to give up part of Temple Mount, Old City

The then-prime minister offered the concessions in 2000, Israel State Archives reveal.

News | The Temple Mount

Abbas’ risible Temple denial Is no laughing matter

The specious claim that the Temple Mount is exclusively a Muslim holy site and the spurious denial that the Jewish Temple stood there is yet another example of Jew-hatred by the PA and Hamas. Op-ed.

News | The Temple Mount

Will Israel Retake the Temple Mount? | Jerusalem Day Special

Purchase the “75 Hebrew Words You Should Know” book here:\Watch the moment when one of the Israeli soldiers who fought for Jerusalem ...