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Farrakhan normalised in Netflix's 'You People'

The new Netflix movie 'You People' is a romantic comedy starring Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, Julia Louise Dreyfus, Lauren London and David Duchovny. The film is

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Netflix blocks controversial Nakba film for Israeli subscribers

The popular streaming platform informs Israeli subscribers that the title 'cannot be viewed in your country'; some who use English interface report film still available for them

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Does Netflix Have a Problem With Israel? | Honest Reporting

The tremendous growth that Netflix has achieved in just over two decades has been attributed to a culture that encourages outside-the-box thinking so as

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89% of Palestinian films showcased by Netflix directed by BDS supporters

  Nearly 90% of films in Netflix's recently launched "Palestinian Stories" collection of films are directed by supporters of the

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Netflix Cancellations Soar 800% After ‘Cuties’ Debacle: Analysis | The Daily Wire

Netflix subscriptions cratered during September amid the backlash the streaming company faced for releasing "Cuties," a French film that depicts

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Michelle Obama Is Complicit In Netflix Child Porn Film ‘Cuties’

No one should doubt the considerable power former first lady Michelle Obama wields within Netflix or the unrivaled cultural influence she has.

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Netflix Defends ‘Cuties’ Movie Accused Of Sexualizing Children, Calling It ‘A Powerful Story’

Netflix defended their “Cuties” movie, which has been widely accused of sexualizing children, saying that the movie is “a powerful story.” “Cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children,” Net

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Barack and Michelle Obama Get Oscar Nomination for Being The Obamas

Barack Obama had something to celebrate today because the Netflix documentary he and wife Michelle produced, "American Factory," was predictably nominated for an Oscar for best documentary.

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‘An Incoherent Truth’? If AOC’s Green New Deal documentary happens, it’s gonna have ‘a hell of an ending’ �

If you thought AOC’s 7-minute look at our future under the Green New Deal was terrifying and self-aggrandizing and unwatchable, can you imagine what she’d do with a whole damn documentary?

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Netflix’s ‘Knock Down The House’ Is A Campaign Contribution To AOC

Progressives think corporations engaging in political messaging is bad, unless it's a corporation like Netflix pushing a leftist agenda.