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Demonstrators Scream ‘Slaughter the Jews’ at Brussels Rally

"Yes of course, we only hear that: religion of peace. But everything that has been happening for years in the world proves the opposite."

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Obama’s Ideological Holiday in Havana

The split-screen told the story: on one side, the images of the terror bombing in Brussels; on the other, the Obama fantasy world in which romancing Cuba -- without an ounce of democracy or human rights yielded in return -- is considered a seminal achieve

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(VIDEO) With Brussels Under Attack, Obama Does "the Wave" With Raul Castro | RedState

Obama goes to a baseball game with Raul Castro

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What terror attack? Smiling Obama attends Cuban baseball game | Daily Mail Online

Attendees, including the U.S. president, went through several rounds of the wave. More than a hundred pigeons were released from behind the warning track, as well.