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Vice Propagandist: Drinking Milk Is 'Unsettling Behavior'

The assignment came down from on high for Vice propagandist Daisy Jones — author of such serious works such as Glastonbury’s Queer Club Was a Wild and Sweaty Fever Dream and Queer Women Told Us What G...

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Almonds Are Out. Dairy Is a Disaster. So What Milk Should We Drink?

A glass of dairy milk produces almost three times more greenhouse gas than any plant-based milk. But vegan options have drawbacks of their own.

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Is Yogurt Healthy? - The Atlantic

Several new studies suggest yogurt might reduce inflammation—a process linked to different types of diseases.

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Think you're lactose intolerant? This dairy wants to prove you wrong

Blake Waltrip wants just five minutes with every California consumer who dumped milk for almond, soy or other dairy substitutes.