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Vice Propagandist: Drinking Milk Is 'Unsettling Behavior'

The assignment came down from on high for Vice propagandist Daisy Jones — author of such serious works such as Glastonbury’s Queer Club Was a Wild and Sweaty Fever Dream and Queer Women Told Us What G...

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Did you know Cleopatra Regularly Bathed in Goat Milk? - Famadillo.com

The renowned beauty Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, regularly bathed in goat milk specifically, to keep her skin soft, supple, and glowing.

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Trump Admin to Crack Down on Soy | Breitbart

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said that the Trump administration is preparing to crack down on soy and almond products calling themselves "milk."

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Think you're lactose intolerant? This dairy wants to prove you wrong

Blake Waltrip wants just five minutes with every California consumer who dumped milk for almond, soy or other dairy substitutes.

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#Breast-Feeding the #Microbiome

In an excerpt from his new book, “I Contain Multitudes,” Ed Yong explains how a mother’s milk helps strengthen her baby’s microbiome and brain.

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The Case Against Low-fat Milk Is Stronger Than Ever | TIME

There’s growing evidence that whole fat dairy products may be better for our health than low fat versions. The latest studies find some surprising effects of full fat milk and cheese on diabetes and weight

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Here's what happened when I started asking the almond industry about the ingredients in almond milk

I knew that a standard serving of almond milk contains a fraction of the nutritional value found in a serving of almonds.

So I wanted to find out just how many almonds are actually in a carton of almond milk.