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Palestinians Struggle To Gain Support For Rejecting Trump Peace Plan

A United Nations Security Council vote on a Palestinian draft resolution that rejects President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan has been delayed after the Palestinians realized that it did not have the votes to pass. “This is a significa

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End the Hoax: There Are No Palestinians

President Trump’s “Deal of the Century” was a brilliant illustration of his mastery of the art of the deal. This extravagantly generous proposal, and the Palestinians’ contemptuous rejection of it, severely damages the international Left’s claim that the Israelis are the obstacles to peace, and exposes the Palestinian leadership for the genocidal warmongers they are.

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Former justice minister: Israel should begin annexing Area C without prior US approval

In order to realize the promise contained in the recently unveiled Middle East Peace Plan, Israel should begin annexing Area

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UNPACKED - Deal of the Century-What Happened

UNPACKED – Deal of the Century-What Happened Yesterday, in dramatic fashion, U.S. President Donald Trump presented his long-awaited “Deal of the Century”, his plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Trump presented the plan to the public alongside I