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We’re Jews, We’re Not White, We Define Ourselves | Jewish Journal

Last Sunday, I took my son Alexander, 9, to hear a performance of the Hebrew Choir Festival, which “aims to promote Hebrew as the common global Jewish language.” He didn’t want to go — it was a gorgeous afternoon — but I increasingly prioritize stuff like this.

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Dershowitz: Jews Must Never Be Afraid to Use Their Well-Earned Power

No other group is ever accused of having too much power and influence. That false claim – dating back to times and places where Jews had little or no influence – is an anti-Semitic trope that tells us more about the anti-Semites who invoke it that it

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Cherokee Nation Blasts Warren For DNA Stunt: 'Inappropriate And Wrong'

The Cherokee Nation blasted Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren for trotting out the results of a DNA test she claims prove she is part Cherokee.

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What does it mean to be of mixed race in America? A new book and exhibition aim to answer

Natalie Coughlin and Nathan Adrian are swimmers — Coughlin the first woman to swim the 100-meter backstroke in under a minute, Adrian as an eight-time Olympic medalist. But they dropped those identities for another: hapa, a mixed-race person, photograph