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Samantha Power, Who Unmasked Michael Flynn, Nominated by Biden to Top Post

President-Elect Biden has again named an Obama-era Progressive to a key post in his incoming administration, this time tapping former

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ISIS’ Grip on Libyan City Gives It a Fallback Option

The Mediterranean port city of Surt has become an actively managed colony of the Islamic State, which has come under growing military and economic pressure in Syria and Iraq.

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Incompetent or indifferent: Clinton burns CIA Libya contact

With Washington's attention on the struggle in the House, another Hillary story almost slipped by unnoticed.

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Libya bans Palestinians from country to prevent entry of terrorists - Middle East Israel News | Haaretz

Libya has immediately and indefinitely banned Palestinians, Sudanese and Syrians from entering the country, because it suspects those citizens of belonging to armed groups operating in the country, Arab News reported.

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Missing Libyan Jetliners Raise Fears of Suicide Airliner Attacks on 9/11

Islamist militias in Libya took control of nearly a dozen commercial jetliners last month, and western intelligence agencies recently issued a warning that the jets could be used in terrorist attacks across North Africa.