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‘Ghost soldiers’ - Britain’s shadow war in west Africa

Secret documents show the UK government knows Nigerian troops commit atrocities but Whitehall continues military aid to secure arms deals and oil supplies.

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Islamofascists Target, Burn US-Sponsored Christian Orphanage

The only orphanage supported by a US nonprofit in the conflict-devastated Jos area of Plateau State in Nigeria has been destroyed by...

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Twitter Defeats Its Own Argument for a ‘Moderation Policy’

In the row between the Nigerian government and Twitter, it appears that Twitter stepped on its own tail in how it responded to Nigeria’s...

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Islamofascist Terrorists Kill 30 Soldiers in Northeast Nigeria

Islamofascist terrorists killed over 30 government soldiers in a series of attacks in northeast Nigeria, military and civilian militia...

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Nigerian military official claims he knows whereabouts of kidnapped girls

A top Nigerian military official says he knows the whereabouts of the more than 200 girls kidnapped last month in the northern part of the country.

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Nigerian defense chief says military has located abducted girls but can't go in with force

Nigeria's defense chief says the military has located nearly 300 school girls abducted by Islamic extremists but cannot use force to free them.