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15 Ways to DIY With Wine Crates

I am a reluctant DIYer. There are stacks of empty jars and patterned paper and rustic wood sitting around my house just waiting for the perfect project to

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Mercury Retrograde August 30th – Sept 21st| Know What To Expect & Be Prepared! What Is M.R?

Mercury Retrograde is a phase that happens 3-4 times a year. This is an astrological position that all signs need to know. Most importantly, Gemini and Virgo are influenced by this transit the most…

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How Weakness Turns Into Strength

The common reality of life is to focus on what works for you instead of leaping off into a path of abandonment. Why would I focus on anything else other than what I am good at? Who cares if I am no…

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10 DIY Projects to Transform Your Outdoor Space This Weekend | Apartment Therapy

This is beautiful time of year. It's bearable to be outside, and, so, suddenly, all you want to do is be outside. If the unusually temperate weather has got you thinking about improving your outdoor space, we've got ten projects that will help you make th

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This is the $150 computer I built with my daughter

From Yahoo Games: The joy of the $150 computer for children is that no one has to be afraid of it. $150 isn't a small amount of money, but the Kano Computer was designed to be handled and used by children. The brain of the system is a Raspberry Pi board,