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Here’s our breakdown of every Apple Watch model, finish, and band available now

Thinking about springing for an Apple Watch but don't know which one is right for your individual needs and situation? We compare all the options to help you figure out which is the right model, finish, and band for you.

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Tim Cook: Apple Watch will replace car keyfobs, reward exercise, filter messages | 9to5Mac

In an interview with the UK's Telegraph newspaper, Tim Cook said that while people might see limited reasons to want an Apple Watch today, they will soon find lots of other uses for it. The intervi...

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Apple Is Not Selling A Smartwatch

Tim Cook's upcoming move to take over your wrist is not a smartwatch, even if it loosely fits the definitions that the geekerati have been working with over the last few years. Instead, the Apple Watch is an idea; it is status and standing; it is aspirati

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The Apple Watch Just Got a Huge New Competitor

Swatch Group is planning a smartwatch that'll debut around the time of Apple's

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Apple apparently hasn't solved the smartwatch battery life problem

Everyone has been waiting hear just how long Apple's smartwatch will last on a charge. Well, we'll have to wait for confirmation, but current rumors don'

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Apple updates its website with more details on the Apple Watch

Keen to get the very latest official word on the Apple Watch? The Cupertino company has updated its official site to offer up a more detailed look of how the wearable's software works. 

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11 things we just learned about how the Apple Watch works | The Verge

An iPhone is required. Native apps are coming next year. There are no custom gestures... as of today, developers can make apps for Apple Watch. We've been combing through Apple's WatchKit documentation; here's what we've learned so far!

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Does Anyone Even Want a Smartwatch?

Nearly every big tech company is betting on them in unison.