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6 of the Best Store-Brand Snacks At Your Favorite Groceries | MyRecipes

For everything from packed school lunches to stocking your personal snack drawer, these store brand steals are in a league of their own. 

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Research Shows That Late Night Snacks Disturb Sleep

We've all been there. That late night craving for some junk food sets in, even though it's way too late to be eating. Most of the time all it takes is a little bit of willpower to resist, but giving in to temptation from time to time happens to the best o

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The Widespread Habit That May Damage Memory - PsyBlog

Tweet Share 0 Pocket Pinterest LinkedIn 0 Email Learning and memory could be damaged by this common habit. Habitual late-night snacking could damage a type of memory and learning, a new study suggests. Eating meals at odd hours has already