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17 Bike Tattoos You'll Love - Femme Cyclist

Get bike tattoo inspiration with these ideas from bicycle lovers.

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Why Does Judaism Forbid Tattoos?

This prohibition applies to all tattoos besides those made for medical purposes . . .

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Armpit Tattoos Are the Bizarre New Trend Hitting Instagram

Tattoo trends come and go… which is amusingly antithetical to the very nature of tattoos, which, as we all know, are quite permanent. The ink community often looks to Instagram for a glimpse at the latest tattoo craze, and this time around, we’

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This is a story about legendary Pizza Chef Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza Napoletana and handmade steel frame bicycle builder Sean Walling of Soulcraft Bicycles.…

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29 Great Bicycling Tattoos

We asked our readers to share their bike tattoos and a sentence or two about what inspired them to get an homage to cycling permanently rendered in ink. Here are some of our favorite submissions

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Study: Tattoos Can Cause Serious, Long-Term, Adverse Reactions

Tattoo inks of certain colors are more problematic than others, according to a new study from NYU.

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Apple Watch has tattoo trouble, Apple confirms - CNET

Got a tattoo on your wrist? You could find it difficult to get an Apple Watch to track your heart rate. It's all about the way the ink blocks light from built-in sensors.

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Slideshow: Surprising Ways You Can Damage Your Liver

Alcohol and acetaminophen are well-known liver dangers, but what else can be harmful? WebMD says some of them may surprise you.

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Here are 18 Clever Tattoos That Just Redefined What Awesome is. #7 is the Best!

Getting a tattoo is serious business. It might only cost you a few hundred dollars to get the one you want, but you’ll be permanently giving up real estate on your body. You will never be a clean slate again. That intimidates some people, who then&n