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Opinion | Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Bringing Concussions Out of the Darkness

I used to hide my suffering. But I’ve learned that brain injuries don’t have to be permanent.

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NFL fails concussion test in way it handled Cam Newton

The fourth time a Denver Broncos defender slammed his helmet into Cam Newton’s head, the Carolina Panthers quarterback wound up sprawled face down on the turf here. Cam Newton took four head shots in Thursday’s loss to Denver, the last one the most da

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Concussions in Children May Be Vastly Underreported, Study Finds - ABC News

Study found more than 80 percent of concussions are diagnosed out of the ER.

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Young athletes have an increased risk of prolonged post-concussion symptoms

According to a study published last week in the Journal of Pediatrics, researchers found that young adolescent male student ice hockey players had a significantly increased risk of prolonged post-concussion symptoms compared to older players. In this stud

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Seau family says ‘no’ to NFL settlement

Lawyer says deal doesn't cover heirs or ensure public airing of concussion issues.