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‘Totally not an awful precedent’: eBay spox confirms that sellers will no longer be allowed to list any of the six ‘offensive’ Dr. Seuss books

“This sh*t is just absurd.”

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eBay Is Playing Catchup, But Will It Work? - Racked

Even with 171 million users, the online shopping giant is grasping for relevancy.

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Original '90s Apple watch selling for $2,500 on eBay - CNET

Long before the Apple Watch, there was an Apple watch. It's hard to imagine the world of early Apple fashion. Today, we're used to the brand's clean lines and modern aesthetic. Once upon a day-glo time,

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eBay and PayPal are splitting up | The Verge

Citing a "rapidly changing global commerce and payments landscape," eBay has just announced plans to separate its business into two distinct and independent companies: eBay and PayPal. Spinning off...