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Top 50 Best-Selling Artists of All Time | Mental Floss

Who are America’s all-time favorite musicians and bands? When it comes to the best-selling artists of all time, The Beatles still rule—yes, even a half-century after their breakup.

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Facebook reverses ban on Led Zeppelin album cover - CNN

Facebook has reversed a ban it placed on a classic Led Zeppelin album cover that features images of naked children.

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Steven Wilson Says 'Boy Band Led Zeppelin' Greta Van Fleet Won't Last

"Maybe they'll prove me wrong and develop into a good band and make a good record." | iHeartRadio

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Robert Plant Revisits Led Zeppelin And Examines The Blues Tradition On Father's Day In Chicago

On-stage in Chicago, former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant performed a 90 minute set that put a unique spin on the Zeppelin canon thanks to his band The Sensational Space Shifters. In looking back on his own terms, Plant continues to push the music fo

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Led Zeppelin Is Issuing An Unreleased Version Of ‘Rock And Roll’ For Record Store Day

The band is also putting out an alternate rendition of the ’Led Zeppelin III’ track ’Friends’ as well.

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Is the Rock Star Dead? - Noisey

We speak with rock critic David Hepworth, author of 'Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of The Rock Stars,' about the rise and fall of music's chaotic anti-heroes.

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You Really Need to Hear Lady Gaga Sing Led Zeppelin

Lady Gaga sings Led Zeppelin's Black Dog better than Robert Plant did.

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See Robert Plant's Cosmic Take on 'Black Dog' From 'ACL' - Rolling Stone

Robert Plant returns to 'Austin City Limits' for the first time in 14 years as the Led Zeppelin singer headlines the hour-long October 15th episode.

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Led Zeppelin Did Not Steal ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ Jury Says - The New York Times

A federal jury said the hit song did not contain enough similarities to “Taurus,” a song released three years earlier by the band Spirit.

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The Unoriginal Originality of Led Zeppelin - The New Yorker

Legal cases involving claims of musical plagiarism often lead to strange eruptions of musicological discourse in the halls of justice. Not long ago, the heirs of Marvin Gaye alleged that Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams’s song “Blurred Lines” infringed upon the copyright of Gaye’s “Got to Give It Up.”

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Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant, Jimmy Page to face Stairway to Heaven copyright trial - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting C

Led Zeppelin's lead singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page will face a US jury trial next month over whether they stole the opening chords for their 1971 hit Stairway to Heaven.

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All 74 Led Zeppelin Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best

It's difficult to remember now how precious the blues seemed to rockers in the 1960s. The blues were a serious matter, meant to be played a certain way. Rock bands always fooled around with doing the blues louder and with less finesse, of course, but beyond that, folks like Eric Clapton were the models, with their sincere embarkations into the music. They were done with brio, but with probity and respect, too.

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Watch Jack White and Robert Plant perform Led Zeppelin's 'The Lemon Song' live

Jack White and Robert Plant performing together is like a rock-fan fever dream. The dream became reality at music festival Lollapalooza Argentina on Saturday. While performing a cover of the Led Zeppelin track "The Lemon Song," which White has done many times on tour and at last year's Bonnaroo, Plant himself stepped out on stage.

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It's 'rubbish' that Robert Plant turned down £500m Led Zeppelin reformation offer, says publicist

Report about former Zeppelin singer rejecting offer from Richard Branson is not true, says his PR representative

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Robert Plant Reportedly Rips Up $800 Million Led Zeppelin Reunion Offer | Ultimate Classic Rock

A new report says Robert Plant turned down a huge offer from Virgin's Richard Branson to reunite with Led Zeppelin.

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The Supreme Court connection to the Led Zeppelin lawsuit - Yahoo News

From Yahoo News: Led Zeppelin is now in a literal battle of the bands over the rights to its biggest song “Stairway To Heaven,” in an interesting twist related to a copyright decision handed down by the Supreme Court in June.

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Robert Plant: I Want to Record With Jack White | Rolling Stone

Robert Plant revealed in a Facebook chat that he'd love to record with Jack White at Nashville's Third Man Studios.

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From The Archives: The Durable Led Zeppelin (1975)

John Paul Jones, Led Zeppelin's bassist and keyboard player, was quietly playing backgammon and half listening to a phone-in radio talk show on New York FM.

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Flashback: Led Zeppelin's Final Concert With John Bonham

Complete audio from Zeppelin's last stand, taped July 7th, 1980 in Berlin

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Led Zeppelin are never ever getting back together – get over it

Jimmy Page has got fed up of Robert Plant dipping one toe in and then out on the subject of a reunion. But surely no one seriously believes Plant would want to rejoin Zeppelin?

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Jimmy Page Busy Writing New Songs: 'I've Got Lots of Material'

I intend to start getting to a point where I could play some gigs, he says. I love playing live.

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Robert Plant Slams Idea of Zeppelin Tour: 'I'm Not Part of a Jukebox'

At the time of the O2 show we were led to believe there were going to be more, Jimmy Page tells RS

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Led Zeppelin Raid Secret Vault for Super-Deluxe Album Series

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant open up about the biggest archival Zeppelin project yet