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Apple Accidentally Approved Malware to Run on MacOS | WIRED

The ubiquitous Shlayer adware has picked up a new trick, slipping past Cupertino's “notarization” defenses for the first time.

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How malware uses web apps to turn PCs into conduits for attacks

It's not just botnets that can hijack PCs for nefarious ends. Microsoft and Cisco's Talos researchers have identified a new malware strain, Nodersok (or Diverg...

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Israel firm says Iran-linked hackers spin global web of deceit

New report by Israeli cyber-intelligence firm says CopyKittens lays malware traps, creates fake Facebook pages

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Apple: New Malware Infects iOS Devices - Fortune

Palo Alto Networks researchers discovered new malware that can infect Apple iOS devices even if they aren’t jailbroken.

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iPhone apps with XcodeGhost Malware: Top 25 iOS apps in App Store | BGR

After setting up a special help page that provides information about the massive XcodeGhost malware hack on its website, Apple has listed the top 25 iOS apps built using the counterfeit version of Xcode that was capable of injecting malware in apps befor

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Apple Targeted as Malware Infects China Mobile Apps - WSJ

Some of the most popular Chinese names in Apple Inc.’s App Store were found to be infected with malicious software, researchers say, exposing a rare vulnerability in Apple’s iOS mobile platform.

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Report: 1 in 5 Android Apps Is Malware

Phandroids take note: According to Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report, nearly 20 percent of all Android apps are malware in disguise.