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People Are Wrong About Donald Trump, Parkland Victim's Father Says

Americans need to turn off their TVs and look into President Donald Trump on their own, said Andrew Pollack, father of Meadow Pollack who was slain in the Parkland shooting

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'Like a Dagger in My Heart': Father of Parkland Victim Reacts to Massacre Suspect Registering to Vote in Jail | Fox News

The teen accused of carrying out the Parkland, Florida, school massacre that killed 17 in February registered to vote while incarcerated in the Broward County Jail.

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Father of Parkland Victim Goes Off on School After It's Revealed Shooter Assigned to Obama-Era Program

"The Broward County School Board has failed in its responsibility as an oversight body."

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Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Faces 'No Confidence' Vote from Deputies

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who bragged about his leadership during the Parkland, Florida, shooting, is facing a vote of no confidence from the union.

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Brother of Slain Parkland Student Rips Student for Complaining About New Clear Backpack Policy

"17 people dead, few students bring knives to school, multiple students making threats, and you're making a joke..."

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WATCH: Parkland's Emma Gonzalez Admits to Bullying the Shooter. A Few Things...

A number of points here...

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Why The Ignorant Parkland Kids Don't Speak for Their Dead Classmates

It’s incredibly annoying to be lectured to by high school kids because the fact of the matter is that very few of them know anything about anything. Why would they? They’re kids. Somebody else feeds them, puts a roof over their heads and pays their bi

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Bataclan Survivor Jesse Hughes Calls Parkland Teens ‘Pathetic’

Eagles of Death Metal frontman accuses Parkland teens of “exploiting tragedy.”

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Israeli specialists provide post-trauma training to Parkland community members | Fox News

The Israel Trauma Coalition arrived in Broward County this week and has been holding training sessions for community members, specifically aimed at teachers, counselors, clinicians, clergy, social organizations and first responders.

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Every Single Government Authority Failed In Parkland. And They Expect Americans To Forfeit Our Self-Defense Rights To Them?

On Thursday night, the American public learned two bombshell pieces of information regarding the Parkland, Florida mass shooting.

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Parkland Student Details Exchange With CNN Producer He Claims Fed Him Scripted Questions

Fox News' Tucker Carlson snagged an interview with Colton Haab, a survivor of the Parkland, Florida school shooting who claimed this week that CNN tried to feed

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Gun Control Advocates Parade Grieving Teens Who Make Simplistic Pleas | National Review

If we can turn children into our decision-makers, we can infantilize our politics down to simplistic statements like “you’re either with us or against us” on preventing school shootings.

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Huffington Post Smears Shapiro Over Parkland Shooting Response. Shapiro's Not Having Any Of It. | Daily Wire

On Tuesday, Huffington Post ran a headline attacking conservatives which falsely maligned Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro, claiming he had “smeared” the teenage survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacre on Valentine’s Day

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BREAKING: School Officer Avoided Confronting Gunman For 4-6 Minutes While Students Were Slaughtered

On Thursday, the Broward County sheriff said that the school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School avoided the building where the 18-year-old gunman slaughtered 17 students.