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Circumcision, Berzerkeley, and the Power of Five Minutes - Jewish Life

Rabbi Chanan Feld was a towering fixture of my childhood—my friend’s father, and my father’s friend. He had the cuddly torso of a teddy bear, the magical beard of a wizard, and the twinkling eyes of a Rebbe. This is how I remember him.

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Chabad: The Rebbe on Violence and the Pursuit of Justice

On 19 Kislev 1968, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson reflected on the essential role of peace on the path to redemption

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It wasn't easy (or pretty), but North Carolina got its title-game redemption

Isaiah Hicks stood on almost the exact same spot on the court as he was on a Monday night in April a year ago. Then, Hicks was the closest North Carolina player to Kris Jenkins as his shot sent the Tar Heels into sudden defeat with the national championsh