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MUST SEE: President Trump - Silent Running

Thank you to a reader who sent me this link! I love it when you send me something I haven’t seen before, and this is a great one. Also, all credit to Justin Bellucci who looks like is the creator of this video. Well done Justin! Trending: Here’

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POLL: 64% of Republicans, 15% of Democrats ‘Likely’ to Join Hypothetical New Trump-Led Political Party

A newly released poll reveals that incessant negative media coverage, two impeachments, and a near universal betrayal by elected Republicans

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Trump Touts Achievements of Presidency, Lays out Ambitious Vision for Future

President Donald Trump conveyed a message of unity and hope in his renomination acceptance speech at the Republican ...

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Who is President Trump?

Delve into Beyond Human Design for self-discovery. Learn about the multidimensional universe and recognize the truth of your Self

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The incredible Trump agenda -- What most Americans don't know about the war the president has waged

President Trump’s style has dismayed many on the right as well as the left. But when it comes to actions, conservatives find much too delight them.

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There Is No GOP Civil War

Despite the unrequited longings of the left and certain vocal Republicans, there is no civil war in the Republican Party, and there is not even widespread disaffection with President Donald Trump among rank-and-file GOP voters.