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Israel & The Jewish Community | News

News | Israel & The Jewish Community

Trump Administration Threatens to Slash Funds to Duke, UNC Over Anti-Israel Bias

Duke University and the University of North Carolina have run out of time to meet the Trump administration's demands to revise their jointly-run Middle East studies program after the federal government accused the schools of misusing federal funds to

    News | Israel & The Jewish Community

    Israel News: It's a weird world when the only person really trying to help Palestinians is Jared Kushner

    It's fascinating that the two state solution is such a dogma to so many that Jared Kushner saying that we should prioritize the actual human rights and dignity of Palestinians before we figure out the political parameters of a solution is mercilessly criticized.

    News | Israel & The Jewish Community

    Progressive Anti-Semitism Surges: Why Now? | National Review

    Jew-hatred has a natural home on the multicultural Left, and ‘woke’ culture demands that leftists hate anything Trump supports — especially Israel.

      News | Israel & The Jewish Community

      Protest Erupts Outside New York Times Offices Over Anti-Semitic Cartoon

      Jews in New York City took to the streets Monday night in order to protest The New York Times' recent anti-Semitic cartoon.

        News | Israel & The Jewish Community

        America Recognizing Israeli Sovereignty Over the Golan Heights | The American Spectator | Politics is too important to be taken seriously.

        On Purim Day last week, President Trump tweeted that the time long was overdue for the world to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. As this President has done in so many other ways, he leads not from behind...

          News | Israel & The Jewish Community

          Following Rubio’s Lead, Mississippi Moves to Ban Boycotts Against Israel

          Mississippi’s House of Representatives passed a bill last week that would allow the state to boycott businesses that advocate for boycotts, sanctions, and divestments from Israel.

            News | Israel & The Jewish Community

            Democrats Tacitly Support Anti-Israel Movement While Pretending Not To

            The new wave of freshman Democrats is beginning to criticize our nation’s historically strong ties with Israel. The party is splitting on this issue.

              News | Israel & The Jewish Community

              Israeli Rescue Team Arrives in Brazil To Help After Dam Breaks

              An Israeli military search and rescue delegation arrived in Brazil on Sunday night to assist in rescue efforts after a dam collapsed there on Friday.

                News | Israel & The Jewish Community

                Anti-Semitic doctor who threatened Jewish patients should lose medical license

                Should a doctor who makes threats about giving Jews the wrong medication with the intent to cause harm be entitled to practice medicine? The answer is no.

                  News | Israel & The Jewish Community

                  Want to Fight Anti-Semitism? It Starts on College Campuses

                  A white supremacist's decision to walk into a Pittsburgh synagogue and murder 11 Jews in cold blood shocked the nation. Many are asking what could be the cause of such blatant and deadly anti-Semitism. One man says the find against Jew-hatred begins

                    News | Israel & The Jewish Community

                    Netanyahu: World 'Must Recognize' Israel's Sovereignty in Golan, No Iranian Presence

                    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran is attempting to establish a military presence on the border with Israel along the Golan Heights.

                      News | Israel & The Jewish Community

                      Christians, Jews Gather to Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem

                      This year, some 1,000 Christians from around the world gathered with Christian and Jewish leaders at the Haas Promenade overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem for the main event that was broadcast live on God TV.