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Hot take: The ‘Alien’ and ‘Predator’ movie franchises ‘reinforce anti-Black racism’

Of course this was written by an associate professor.

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Ridley Scott Wants to Use a New Movie to Answer an Obvious Question Raised by Alien

Ridley Scott seems like there’s somewhere in his brain that is always thinking about Alien. He’s never quite been able to leave the franchise behind, and after returning with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, it does feel like he’s camped out to stay. And w

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Alien: Covenant | Prologue: The Crossing | 20th Century FOX

The Crossing, an official prologue short to Alien: Covenant, reveals what happened to crew members Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and the synthetic David after the event...

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Alien alternate ending would have killed Ripley

You think Alien is a scary movie? Check out the ending Ridley Scott wanted to end his 1979 classic with.

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Watch: New Trailer for ‘Alien: Covenant’ Features Terrifying Xenomorph Attack

Fox has released a horrifying new trailer for Ridley Scott’s “Alien: Covenant,” featuring an attack from its trademark acid-dripping monsters. The trailer begins idyllically as the titular spaceship Covenant winds up on a planet that looks perfect f

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The Official Alien: Covenant Plot Synopsis Raises Some Big Questions

Last week, director Ridley Scott let it slip that the sequel to Prometheus was now going to be called Alien: Covenant. 20th Century Fox made that official Monday morning with a new logo and, most curiously, a very confusing plot synopsis.

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Ridley Scott Reveals Prometheus 2 Title

It looks as though Ridley Scott has just unveiled the ‘Prometheus’ sequel’s new title… and it isn’t ‘Prometheus 2’. “You know the poem?” asked Scott. Does this mean it’s going to be a true sequel, or merely connected i

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The Original

H.R. Giger's original designs for Alien are even more chilling than the film.

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Could There Be Another 'Alien' Movie On The Way?

For anyone who didn't think

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Water Found in Atmosphere of Nearby Alien Planet

Water vapor has been detected in the atmosphere of one of the first alien planets ever identified by astronomers. Advances in the technique used to scan the atmosphere of this

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9 Exoplanets That Could Host Alien Life

These nine planets represent our best hope for alien life beyond the solar system, according to the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo.