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An achievement that will be taught in the diplomacy books

The peace agreements between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain are an economic, diplomatic and strategic breakthrough. On the economic front,

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FLASHBACK: Pundits Predicted Jerusalem Embassy Move Would Kill Middle East Peace

With Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain signing a historic treaty at the White House on Tuesday, the Free Beacon looks back on predictions of Middle East turmoil when the Trump administration recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

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Israel, UAE, Bahrain Set to Sign Milestone Abraham Accords at White House

Israel and two other Middle Eastern countries are set to sign milestone deals in the White House on Tuesday.

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Report: UAE-Israel deal to be phased to block Israel from applying sovereignty before 2024

Man in comma since Hanukkah stabbing opens eyes, is breathing on his own, sources say.

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Coming soon to Israel: Medical tourism from UAE, as part of new hospital deal

Sheba Medical Center says Israel will become popular destination for treatment, due to geographical proximity to Gulf state and convenience of having many Arabic speakers on staff

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Trump nominated for Nobel Prize by Norwegian official for UAE-Israel deal

A Norwegian official has submitted US President Donald Trump to receive the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in

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If Israelis love the Arabs in the UAE, how can Zionism be racism?

Israel haters often say that Zionism is racism, saying that the entire idea of Zionism is anti-Arab.

This week we saw an outpouring of love from Israeli Jews to the Arabs of the United Arab Emirates. Israelis are excited to start new business initiatives, to visit the UAE with their families. Zionists worldwide are enthusiastic over the possibilities. Israelis and Emiratis are exchanging admiring posts on social media.

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The Israel-UAE deal exposes hypocrisy of pro-BDS Jewish groups

No matter what the situation, the answer is always the same, “but the occupation!”

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The End of the UAE Boycott Is a Blow to BDS

A pro-BDS demonstration. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel suffered a major blow this …