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Poll: White Liberals 9 Times More Likely Than Hispanics To Use ‘Latinx’

White liberals are at least nine times more likely than Hispanics to say "Latinx" is the correct term to describe individuals of Spanish-speaking heritage, according to a recent poll.

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The Latinx of the Iceberg › American Greatness

Until I attempted to use the word Latinx in conversation, I was unaware of its pronunciation. Apparently, it is not “Lah-tinx,” but “Latin-ex.” Oops.

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Progressives, Hispanics are not 'Latinx.' Stop trying to Anglicize our Spanish language.

Hispanic Americans face plenty of challenges as it is. The last thing we need are English-speaking progressives 'wokesplaining' how to speak Spanish.

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President Trump's message on the 2020 presidential campaign trail resonated massively with the nation's growing Hispanic American population.

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Poll: Almost No Hispanics Refer To Themselves As ‘Latinx’

Though nearly a quarter of U.S. Hispanics have heard of the gender neutral, pan-ethnic label “Latinx,” almost none of them use it to refer to themselves. The Pew Research Center released a poll on Tuesday showing that 3% of Hispanic people in the Unit

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Hispanic People Overwhelmingly Reject the White Liberal Term 'Latinx'

According to a new poll, Hispanic Americans overwhelmingly reject the "Latinx" label imposed by white liberals intent on altering language and crafting "politically correct" words.

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Millions May Be Exposed To Potentially Harmful Nitrate Levels In Drinking Water - Study Finds

Millions of Americans face exposure to elevated nitrate levels in their drinking water, a study finds, which puts them at greater risk of developing health problems.