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Just some of the collected names who we will never hear retractions from regarding the Jussie Smollett story – twitchy

It is telling how those who were in a rush to make accusations regarding the Jussie Smollett "attack" are in no hurry to pull back their comments.

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Leftists PANIC After Discovering Coachella Owner Donates Thousands To Republicans | Daily Wire

Although the high-profile, star-studded music festival has been going on for years, it seems leftists only just realized — this week — that Coachella, which draws decidedly liberal headliners like Beyonce and Eminem, is owned and managed by ... a Repu

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Twitter Won’t Ban Farrakhan For Calling Jews ‘Termites.’ They’ll Ban Conservatives For Calling Chelsea Manning A Traitor.

On Wednesday, according to BuzzFeed, Twitter announced that they would not ban anti-Semite par excellence Louis Farrakhan from their platform despite Farrakhan’s eq

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Sen. Cory Gardner's Family Doxxed, Wife Sent Beheading Video

Gardner has been in support of Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court since the summer. More

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New 'Murphy Brown' Episode Attacks Sarah Sanders and Calls Her a Liar

CBS's reboot of "Murphy Brown" is not holding back in their take on the current political climate and controversies.