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Prestigious La Jolla Country Day School tells student to remove 'offensive' MAGA hat

LA JOLLA (KUSI) – KUSI News has obtained an email sent to all staff from La Jolla County Day’s Head of School, Gary Krahn. The controversy that emerged from Krahn’s email to LJCD staff is in regards to one of their students showing up to school wear

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Equality? Uber Eats Giving Free Delivery To Only Black-Owned Restaurants

Uber Eats is offering free delivery to only black-owned restaurants until the end of 2020, the company’s CEO announced in an email on Thursday. “Uber Eats will promote black-owned restaurants on its app, and that the service will not c

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Whitmer Admits Husband Asked Boating Company For Special Treatment, Claims He Was Joking

Michigan Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer admitted on Tuesday that her husband, Marc Mallory, asked a boating company for special treatment because he was married to her, which comes after Whitmer’s office called the allegation a “ru

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Alyssa ‘I Believe Survivors’ Milano Explains Silence On Biden Sexual Assault Allegation. Internet: ‘Hypocrite, A Liar, And A Bad Joke’

Speaking on a radio show called “Radio Andy,” actress Alyssa Milano explained why she has not spoken out about the sexual assault allegation that has been made against former Vice President Joe Biden, and for the woman who ferociously condemned Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearings, her answer on the Biden claim reeked of utter hypocrisy.

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Nancy Pelosi’s Daughter Praises ‘Violent Criminal Attack’ On Rand Paul

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s daughter appeared to praise a violent attack on Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) on Sunday after Paul announced that he had contracted the coronavirus, which originated in China. Pelosi’s daughter, Christine

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WATCH: Kamala Harris Smiles Before Talking About ‘Solemn, Serious’ Impeachment | The Daily Wire

Apparently, the impeachment trial against President Trump is so “solemn” and “serious” that Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is smiling on camera before lamenting the solemnity and seriousness of the whole affair. Take a l

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House Democrat Tells Crowd 'I'd Like To Impeach The Bastard Right Now'

Rep. Dina Titus (D-NV) disparagingly referred to President Donald Trump as a “bastard” on Sunday evening as she was warning the Democratic Party to remain focused on the 2020 election despite the ongoing impeachment proceedings. &#

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Rep. Ilhan Omar has some thoughts on rooting out dangerous ideologies like white nationalism

Rep. Ilhan Omar has called overcrowding in Border Patrol detention facilities white nationalism.

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Joaquin Castro says naming and shaming Trump donors was cool because there was no ‘call to action’

Joaquin Castro didn't tell anyone to harass the people he named who are bankrolling hate, so it certainly won't happen.

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Far-Left Protesters At Mcconnell’s Home: ‘Just Stab The Mother F***er In The Heart’ | Daily Wire

Far-left demonstrators appeared at Mitch McConnell's home in Louisville on Monday night and protested the 77-year-old who is recovering from a broken shoulder after he fell. A short clip of the protesters was posted to Twitter by Ben Goldey, a life-long

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Just some of the collected names who we will never hear retractions from regarding the Jussie Smollett story – twitchy

It is telling how those who were in a rush to make accusations regarding the Jussie Smollett "attack" are in no hurry to pull back their comments.

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Leftists PANIC After Discovering Coachella Owner Donates Thousands To Republicans | Daily Wire

Although the high-profile, star-studded music festival has been going on for years, it seems leftists only just realized — this week — that Coachella, which draws decidedly liberal headliners like Beyonce and Eminem, is owned and managed by ... a Repu

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Twitter Won’t Ban Farrakhan For Calling Jews ‘Termites.’ They’ll Ban Conservatives For Calling Chelsea Manning A Traitor.

On Wednesday, according to BuzzFeed, Twitter announced that they would not ban anti-Semite par excellence Louis Farrakhan from their platform despite Farrakhan’s eq

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Sen. Cory Gardner's Family Doxxed, Wife Sent Beheading Video

Gardner has been in support of Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court since the summer. More

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New 'Murphy Brown' Episode Attacks Sarah Sanders and Calls Her a Liar

CBS's reboot of "Murphy Brown" is not holding back in their take on the current political climate and controversies.