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Sorrow and Tragedy Will Happen to Us All — Here Are 3 Strategies to Help You Cope

Well-being and resilience expert Lucy Hone shares the three straightforward tactics that she used to get through her darkest days.

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TMZ Report: Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash, 5 confirmed dead | FOX6Now.com

CALABASAS, Calif. -- According to a report by TMZ Sports, former NBA star Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash in southern California Sunday morning, Jan. 26.

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Texas teen killed in crash after unbuckling seat belt to take selfie | Fox News

The parents of Kailee Mills are raising awareness after their daughter was killed in a crash in October after taking off her seat belt.

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Dog dies on United flight after flight attendant forced passenger to put carrier in overhead bin

United has since confirmed and apologized for the tragic accident.