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White House Predicts Deficit and Debt-to-GDP Will Shrink Early Next Year as Economy Recovers

The White House expects that, by early next year, as the economy recovers, there will be a drop in both the deficit and the debt-to-GDP ratio.

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Farmers prosper in spite of Trump's trade battle with China

Anti-Trumpers agree: The president’s trade battle with China is hurting our economy and, in particular, America’s farmers. We are told that the tariff tiffs have caused a collapse in U.S.

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Bolstered by Economic Growth and Tax Reform, US Leads World in Foreign Direct Investment

The United States receives the lion's share of foreign investments worldwide and continued economic growth coupled with tax reform have further strengthened the country’s appeal for international investors.

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German CEOs have US economy envy | Fox Business

U.S. Ambassador to Germany Ric Grenell says the U.S. economy is the envy of corporate leaders in Europe.

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Worker wage gains just broke 3% for the first time in more than 10 years

The Employment Cost Index showed a 3.1 percent gain in the wages and salaries component in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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Wages and salaries jump by 3.1%, highest level in a decade

Employment costs rose more than expected in the third quarter in a sign that more inflation could be brewing in the U.S. economy.

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Think nothing is made in America? Output has doubled in three decades - MarketWatch

Factories are running at close to a record pace, writes Rex Nutting.