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Academic independence under fire

Experts from psychology and beyond are sounding the alarm and helping educators respond if they face threats or harassment over diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

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I studied how journalists used Twitter for two years. Here’s what I learned

Twitter reflects the good, the bad and just plain ugly reality of social media these days. For academics, journalists and voters, there’s never been a more crucial time to talk about the impact the…

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How do we help boys close the academic gender gap?

Sit still. Read quietly to yourself. Stop fidgeting. Such warnings are often directed at boys, but you may as well be asking them to do advanced calculus. Girls are more attentive, more organized and perform better socially and academically, according to

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A New Hope for a Perplexing Mathematical Proof | WIRED

Three years ago, a solitary mathematician released an impenetrable proof of the famous abc conjecture. At a recent conference dedicated to the work, optimism mixed with bafflement.