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Opinion: I Believe In Traditional American Values, Which Is Why I Make My Kids Read the Bible at Gunpoint

If history has shown us anything, it's that America best exhibits its core values when done by force. The woke liberal industrial complex trying to turn our kids gay or worse, tolerant of other viewpoints, poses an existential threat to our, by which

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Israeli Bill Sparks Controversy over Proselytizing: Understanding the Sensitivity and Concerns Behind the Proposed Legislation

Jonathan Feldstein – Israeli Bill to Prevent Proselytizing Ruffles Feathers Israeli Bill to Prevent Proselytizing Ruffles Feathers is Killed, but Bad Feelings Persist   On Sunday, a story broke on All Israel News about a bill that was introduce

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Resurrected Christ Distances Himself From Republican Party

God’s only begotten son Jesus Christ is actively distancing himself and his constituents from Republicans across the globe upon his return to Earth this afternoon.

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Hip Youth Pastor Doesn't Believe in God

Local youth pastor Chase Rexley gained quite a following in his church after revealing that he doesn’t believe in God.

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How a Plague Exposed the "Christian Nation" Myth

The evidence is in. The United States can finally abandon the pretense that it is a Christian nation. For most of us, this isn't news. Since its

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God Bless America: How the US is Obsessed with Religion | ENDEVR Documentary

God Bless America: How the US is Obsessed with Religion | Investigative Documentary From 2019Despite being an officially secular country, religion is everywh...

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Opinion: Let Me Tell You About Another White Guy Who Was “Out of Touch, Ignorant and Misinformed.” His Name was Jesus Christ

I’m getting pretty sick and tired of all this guff I’ve been getting in the facebook conversations I insert myself into. It’s getting to the point where a man can’t point out the fact that Republican president Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves (and

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We Sat Down With Body Modification Legend Jesus Christ

Body mods have come a long way. Once a social oddity, it is now common to see piercings and tattoos on people in many walks of life. While we in the punk rock world have grown accustomed to these sights, it took many sacrifices by the people with their to

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God Works in Mysterious Ways That Somehow Always Reinforce What I Want To Believe

God works in mysterious ways. That's why I don’t question God’s plan for me. I merely pick and choose from the parts of it that justify my incredibly narrow view of the world. That said, I will totally question God's plan for anyone who is e

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LGBTQ: American churches, Scripture get it wrong on gays and lesbians

Churches will continue hemorrhaging members until we face the truth: Being a faithful Christian does not mean accepting everything the Bible teaches.

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Radical Activists Purposely Offend 70 Percent of Americans

A group of abortion protesters from the radical group Indecline draped a political statement banner across the arm-width of the Christ of the Ozarks statue atop Majestic Mountain near Eureka Springs, Arkansas, that read “God Bless Abortions.” Members

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Jesus Helped Me Quit Alcohol and Now It’s Time for Me To Help Him Do the Same

When I was deep in the throes of my alcohol addiction it felt like there was no hope for me. It felt like the whole world rested on my chest and the only thing that could lift the weight was the contents of a bottle. That’s when I found a friend in Jesu

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Militant Christian Nationalists Remain A Potent Force, Even After The Capitol Riot

The conviction of some Christians that God has a particular plan for America gave extra potency to efforts in support of Trump's attempts to overturn his election defeat.

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Trump's faith advisor goes HEAVY METAL! [Sound of Victory] [Paula White Remix]

Paula White's prayer service for Donald Trump's re-election. Remixed by Andre AntunesVersion without vocals: https://youtu.be/ECutPMriO2ADownload this track ...

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Conservatives Warn Radical Kamala Harris Will Impose Her Christian Beliefs On American Populace

WASHINGTON—Emphasizing that this was only the first step of many designed to destroy freedom and turn the nation into an extremist nightmare, conservative pundits warned Wednesday that known radical Kamala Harris would soon impose her Christian beliefs

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Saturate OC revival meeting held in Huntington Beach despite city orders to cancel

City officials say event organizers are violating state-mandated safety measures such as social distancing and wearing masks. About 300-400 participants attended.

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Is evangelical support for Trump a contradiction?

A religious historian explains why Trump wasn’t a trade-off for American evangelicals.

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Bible Scholars Confirm 'Do Not Be Anxious' Does Not Apply In A Global Pandemic

U.S.—Scholars across the nation have come to an agreement that the biblical commands not to be anxious do not apply in a global pandemic.From Jesus's command not to be anxious in Matthew 6 to Paul's similar exhortation in Philippians 4, none

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Trump Threatens More Plagues Unless State Governors Let His People Go

WASHINGTON, D.C—As more state governors lock down and enslave their people, one hero has been called to save Americans from their masters.President Donald Trump says he was commanded by a burning rose bush in the Rose Garden to confront Democratic s

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Baptists Delighted They Can Now Wear Masks At Liquor Store

U.S.—Baptist believers have reported they are "utterly delighted" to learn they can now wear full face masks at the liquor store, preventing anyone from recognizing them.As soon as people started wearing masks in public, Baptists jumped at

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Trump’s Good Friday tweet shows his ignorance about Christianity

The president has no idea how to speak to Christians because he knows nothing about Christianity

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Bad Religion - don't pray on me

Bad Religion - Don't Pray On Me/"Recipe For Hate" 1993 Lyrics: A grizzly scene on my electron beam Told a story about human rights So all of King's horses an...

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Televangelist Pat Robertson: Alabama abortion law 'has gone too far,' is 'ill-considered'

Longtime televangelist Pat Robertson, who opposes abortion, criticized Alabama's near-total abortion ban that is now the nation's most restrictive.

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A televangelist wants his followers to pay for a $54 million private jet. It’s his fourth plane.

Duplantis is the latest aircraft-seeking preacher to draw raised eyebrows and outright condemnation from critics who say a multimillion-dollar luxury jet is not what Jesus meant when he said “store up for yourself treasures in heaven.”

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Islam Poised to Pass Anglicans as Preferred Religion of Britain’s Young Adults

Islam has been gaining on Christianity for years in Great Britain and is now only one percentage point behind Anglicanism among the...

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Don't Confuse America With God's Kingdom

Shane Claiborne on the temptation Christians face in election years.

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Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me

Some Christians believe God rewards the faithful. So why did I get Stage 4 cancer?

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Why Islam Is More Violent Than Christianity

No one really acts as if Islam and Christianity are an equal threat. So what exactly causes one religion to be more violent?