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Colbert Calls Trump ‘Racist’ For Mocking Warren’s Bogus DNA Test

Here's a question for the ages: how far into the realm of stupid would a Democrat have to go for "Late Show" Stephen Colbert to mock that person on his program? It seems that lying about being a Native American and then citing a bogus DNA test as pro

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'COLBERT' Writer On Kavanaugh: 'I'm Just Glad We Ruined His Life'

The confirmation hearings on Brett Kavanaugh were disgusting, driven by Democrats who held a vicious 36-year-old allegation of sexual assault against the Supreme Court nominee until the 11th hour and then set about tearing down a good man who'd work

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Sean Spicer Joins Stephen Colbert at the Emmys - The New York Times

The former White House press secretary poked fun at himself in an Emmy bit, but some critics were not ready to laugh along.

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Colbert hilariously skewers Ted Cruz over 'Basketball Ring'

Ted Cruz's "basketball ring" comment was the ultimate alley-oop for late night comedy. Stephen Colbert had a great time laughing at the gaff.

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Watch Stephen Colbert's off-the-script farewell to Jon Stewart [VIDEO]

Though 'The Daily Show' writers had a hilarious 'Lord of the Rings'-themed farewell bit planned out, the real tear-jerker came when Colbert went off-script.